Clear Skincare is an innovative skincare company that was established by Dr Philippa McCaffery in 1999.

Dr McCaffery’s determination to help clients led her to trial and test thousands of products and active ingredients over many years, to build an affordable and effective home skincare range to help her clients achieve the clear skin they desired and the confidence they deserved.

In 2002, Dr McCaffery found a manufacturer and produced her first range of six Clear Skincare products. In 2004, her acne range was featured on Today Tonight, this was a turning point in the success and awareness of the Clear Skincare range. She was inundated with interest and received over 2,000 emails in a week. All from acne and problematic skin suffers that had tried everything to fix their skin and nothing had worked.

Over the next 15 years, the range was perfected, tested and formulations both improved and introduced. The range quickly grew to over 40 products all specifically designed to deliver results and cater for the rising demand. With a strong belief in both treatments and home care solutions Dr McCaffery implemented training and development programs within the Clear Skincare Clinic network, which has lead to Clear Skincare Clinics becoming the largest acne treatment practice in Australia.

Her desire to create affordable programs that also deliver outstanding results with little downtime is still a mantra that Clear Skincare Clinics use today. We believe that the importance of skin treatment programs and home care solutions are paramount. Used simultaneously to ensure our clients achieve the best results for their skin.

In a market where every product claims to deliver results, you may want to know what makes the Clear Skincare range unique. It is the reason these products were made that make them different from any other range on the market. These products were not started as a business with a business plan, a marketing strategy and a budget, these products were initially hand made by Dr Philippa McCaffery out of her concern for her clients who were desperate to find a solution for their skins affected by acne, sun damage and premature ageing These clients, especially her acne clients, were struggling with low self-esteem and confidence and had tried every product on the market. Helping our clients achieve good skin and confidence lies in the heart of every Clear Skincare product.

“In the crowded landscape of beauty, cosmetic and plastic surgeon treatments, my philosophy has been to seek out treatments for acne, age management and scarring that really work, and offer them at prices everyone can afford”. – Dr Philippa McCaffery Founder of Clear Skincare + Clear Skincare Clinics.