Clear Skincare is an innovative skincare company that was established by Dr Philippa McCaffery in 1999.

Dr McCaffery’s determination to help clients led her to trial and test thousands of products and active ingredients over many years, to build an affordable and effective home skincare range to help her clients achieve the clear skin they desired and the confidence they deserved.


Clear Skincare’s philosophy is: “Improve the skin’s appearance through effective and affordable skincare treatments and home-care” The Clear Skincare cosmeceutical skincare line treats a range of skin concerns including dehydration, redness, pigmentation, sun damage, premature skin ageing, acne breakouts, scarring and more.  


Doctor developed and results driven, the Clear Skincare range has been continually perfected in our clinics for over 20 years. Formulated with the world’s most active ingredients, this is clinic quality, every day. Clear Skincare welcomes wholesale enquiries. We would love your clinic to use, stock and supply our products to your clients. As well as offering all of the products displayed in our unique retail range, we also supply:


An extensive range of professional strength Chemical Skin Peels including:

    • 50 ml Salicylic Acid Peels in 8%, 12%, 16% & 20%
    • 50 ml LISA (low irritant salicylic acid) 30% Peel
    • 50 ml Lactic Acid Peels in 10%, 20% & 40%
    • 50 ml Buffered Glycolic Acid Peels in 8%, 12%, 15%, 20%, 30%

Our retail Mini Peel range includes:

  • 8% Salicylic 10 ml
  • 10% Lactic 10 ml
  • Glycolic 8% & 12% 10 ml
  • Vitamin C 15 g

All mini peels include a cotton tip for application and full instructions.
100% Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) powder 30 g includes a cotton tip, spatula, 50 ml purified water, screw top tube for mixing and full instructions.

Peel Brushes are also available.


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